NCT Trail BlazeExisting Trails on the NCT Adirondack Route

Adirondack Trails on the North Country National Scenic Trail


Proposed Route

As of March 2012 MCC

  • NCT spans 4600 miles from North Dakota to Lake Champlain (Crown Point State Historic Site), twice the Appalachian Trail length
  • longest of the 11 National Scenic  Trails
  • ~2600 on the ground
  • ~147 miles planned across the Adirondack Park
  • ~75+ miles on the below existing trails or parts of these trails
  • ~50 miles of new trail, now bushwhacks
  • ~15-20 miles of temporary connectors & roads to avoid private land


Existing Trails or Parts of Trails On the North Country National Scenic Route:

East to West on State and Public Access Lands

Hammond Pond Wild Forest: ADK Nat Geo Map 743


Crown Point State Historic Site & Champlain Bridge, NY terminus

Moose Mtn. Pond Trail (Ensign Rd.) Trail #27, via Berrymill Brook

Bloody Pond Trail (Ensign Rd.) Trail #28, via Hammond Pond

Optional climb: Bloody Mt. bushwhack ~1+ mile


Hoffman Notch Wilderness: ADK Nat Geo Map 743

Big Pond- North Pond Trail (Hoffman Rd) Trail #68

Hoffman Notch Trail (Hoffman Rd) #68 for 1 mile

Bailey Pond Trail (Loch Muller Rd) #69

Optional climb: Jones Hill bushwhack


Vanderwhacker Mountain WF-:ADK Nat Geo Map 744

Hewitt Pond- Barnes Pond Tail (Rt 28N & Hewitt Lake Club Rd) Trail #56

Stony Pond and Hewitt Pond Trails (Rt 28N & Rt 24A) #58 & 59


Hudson Gorge Primitive Area: ADK Nat Geo Map 744

NO official foot trail: option=Old RR and Hudson River Bridge (~3.6 miles) (North Club Woods Rd. and Rt 28 @ Indian River from south) Iowa Pacific (formerly D&H) Note check to see if trains are  is running on RR between Tahawas and North River.


Siamese Pond Wilderness: ADK Nat Geo Map 744

Peaked Mt. Pond Trail (Thirteenth Lake Rd.) Trail #8

Hour Pond Trail  (Thirteenth Lake Rd.) #17

Puffer Pond Trail (Thirteenth Lake Rd.) #16

Puffer Pond Brook Trail (Big Brook Rd., Chimney Mt. fee parking)  #20

King’s Flow East Trail (Big Brook Rd., Chimney Mt. fee parking) #21

Wakley Brook via Round Pond Trail (Big Brook Rd., Chimney Mt. fee parking)

Kunjamuk Trail (Big Brook Rd.) #22

Crossover Trail Jct #22 1.7mi,

Long –Rock Pond Trail  (Elm Lake Rd.)  #39

Cisco Creek Trail (Elm Lake Rd.) #38

Through Hike possible: Thirteenth Lake to Elm Lake Rd

Optional climb: Peaked Mt. #8

Optional climb:  Humphrey’s Mt. #21

Optional climb:  Kunjamuk Jct #22


West Canada Wilderness & Jessup River Wild Forest: ADK NatGeo Map 744

Cedar Lake- Pillsbury Lake French Louie Trail (old Military Rd-Sled Harbor, Perkins Clearing Rd.) Trails #42 & 41

Sampson-Mud Lake Trail #41

Northville Placid Trail 1 mile

West Lake-Brooktrout Lake Trail (Moose River Plains, Indian River Rd.)  #120

Optional climb: Pillsbury Mt. #41

Through hike possible: Perkins Clearing Rd. to Indian River Rd/Moose River Plains Rd.


West Canada Wilderness & Moose River Plains Primitive Area

Indian River Rd. to Indian Lake & River (crossing not recommended during high water) #93 & #94


Black River Wild Forest: ADK Nat Geo Map 745

Ice Cave Mt Trail (North Lake Rd.) Trail #108E (Heartwood Ease.)

Little Woodhull Trail Via Sand Lake Falls Trail (North Lake Rd.) #107

Stone Dam Lake Trail (North Lake Rd.) #106


Optional climb: Ice Cave Mt (# 108 F)

Optional Loop: Little Woodhull-Sand Lake Falls Trail- North Lake Rd., 8.8 miles

Considerations before undertaking a trip:

  • Much of the route is a remote wilderness route for the experienced hiker only who is familiar with both map and compass and GPS. Day hiking is possible near trailheads. Do not hike alone. Do not overestimate your ability based on other hiking experiences. Plan on backpacking overnight(s).
  • Hike at your own risk with ADK guidebooks, ADK National Geographic Maps # 745,744,743 & compass and GPS with extra batteries and usual survival gear (cell phone reception spotty) and over night equipment i.e. tent, sleeping bag, food in bear proof container, stove, water treatment tablets/filter, appropriate extra clothing (warm and dry). Thoroughly heed all caveats listed in the ADK guidebooks.
  • Tell some one where you are going, daily itinerary, expected return, sign in trail registers, and stick to plan.
  •  Bushwhack routes between marked trails as well as marked trails may encounter uneven ground, overgrown brush, blowdowns, beaver dams, bogs and challenging stream crossings. Avoid winter and early spring.
  • Some trails on maps and in ADK guidebooks and ADK Nat Geo Maps are not well maintained or merely herd paths/volunteer paths and sparsely marked if at all.
  • GPS routes/waypoints are approximate. Hikers should hike in groups of at least 3-4 and in Wilderness Areas, no more than 9 are permitted. Use stoves, no fires, camp 150 feet from trail or water unless marked as a designated campsite, employ Leave No Trace ethics. Do not camp on private lands at eastern end or anywhere.
  • Check NYS DEC website for trail condition updates and current emergency phone numbers.