Choose only outings suitable to your abilities; call the leader if you are unsure. Outing leaders are not guides; they are volunteers willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Please give them your cooperation and respect. Stay with the group at all times. Stay behind the leader unless permission is given to go ahead, and then stay within sight of the group. Make sure the leader is aware if you must leave the group. Dress properly for the type outing and the weather, and be prepared for changing weather conditions. The leader has the right to refuse anyone who is not prepared for the outing.

New hikers should call the leader before their first outing. Most outings starting in the morning are designed for a full day with return to the meeting place prior to dinnertime. Non-local outings may involve stopping for dinner.

Hazardous weather or insufficient snow on snowshoe and/or cross-country ski trips may require a change of destination and/or be converted into a regular ‘boot’ hike.

Leaders and participants are expected to: (1) show respect, cooperation and courtesy to others in the group, and show tolerance toward other people’s views; (2) welcome others in a friendly, helpful manner, avoiding conflict and abusive language or behavior, and promote safe and enjoyable events; and (3) reflect ADK’s mission at all times.


The leader will arrange carpooling. Passengers are expected to contribute toward the cost of the transportation.


There are risks involved in our outings; anyone participating does so at their own risk, and is required to sign the Release of Liability Form provided by the leader.

Overnight Outings:

Overnight outings are open only to ADK members


Please contact the leader in advance if you would like to bring a dog. It is up to the leader to decide if a dog is allowed to join the hike.