Come join us on great hikes and outings in central New York and beyond.

The ONONDAGA CHAPTER is a very active chapter located in Central New York. We welcome new members! The chapter sponsors approximately 200 outings per year including over 40 trips in the Adirondacks! The outings include day hikes, weekend overnight hikes and backpacking trips, kayak/canoe trips, bicycling, mountain climbing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and social events. Come join our organization!



We educate and encourage responsible use and protection of New York State’s Forest Preserve, parks, and other wild lands and waters.

The members of the Adirondack Mountain Club share an appreciation of the value of our wild lands and waters; a commitment to their protection and to using them responsibly; and a conviction that the lands of the Forest Preserve should be allowed to respond to natural influences with minimum interference by man. Initiatives and public action by chapters of ADK on local, state and national conservation issues are essential to the effectiveness of the Club and are coordinated with Club Conservation-oriented advocacies. We work to help protect lands across the state, in addition to those of the Adirondack and Catskill Parks. Outings and field trips, hikes and letter writing, participation in state land use planning processes—just some of the Conservation Committee activities. Contact Mary Coffin at marycoffin@gmail.com for more information or view the Conservation News (opens in a new window) at the ADK website.

Trail Stewardship

We are committed stewards of the trails we maintain.  Our work could include adding a new roof on a lean-to, trail construction, clearing blowdown from trails, or building a new bridge.

ADK -ON has constructed over 100 miles of Finger Lakes Trail over the past 40 years. Presently it maintains 98 miles and is extending the trail 20 miles eastward as part of both the Finger Lakes Trail and the North Country National Scenic Trail. Also ADK-ON maintains the 5 mile West Mountain Trail and 6 mile Norridgewock Trail in Pigeon Lake Wilderness Area in the Adirondacks. For more information, view the Trail Stewardship page.



We rely on the skills, hard work and commitment of volunteers.  Our volunteers include hike leaders, trail stewards, and committee members.

Chapter members are involved in trail construction, trail maintenance, and ADK committees. If you want to volunteer for trail work, contact Tony Rodriguez. To help with a committee, contact Sigi Schwinge