Over past 2 years, thousands of people have joined and completed the Hike 100 Challenge.

In 2018, the North Country National Scenic Trail will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails System Act with a Hike 50 Challenge.

The rules remain the same for both Challenges. And yes, if you complete 100 miles, you will receive both the 50 and the 100!
Anyone who hikes 50 or 100 miles on the NCNST during calendar year 2018, in aggregate or all at once, will be eligible for a special patch.

In addition, the NCTA will be offering prizes and free resources for those who sign up for the challenge, and a special grand prize drawing at the end of the year.

For more information go the Hike 50 and Hike 100 Challeges go to the webpage at http://northcountrytrail.org/trail/upcoming-events/special-events/hike-100-challenge/

See you on the trail.